Ninja Legends Codes (October 2020)

We’ve got all of the working Roblox Ninja Legends Codes that are available right now! These Twitter codes will get you a whole lot of free chi, souls, gems, and coins to upgrade your character’s weapon and ability to jump to additional islands. Once you’ve got enough currency, make sure to rebirth so you can go even further with your ninja!

All Ninja Legends Codes List

You will find all of the available codes for redemption below. These codes were tested at the time they were posted, so if you find one that has expired, please let us know in the comments so we can remove it from the list! Make sure to copy the code exactly as it is shown, because they can sometimes be case sensitive, and won’t work if they aren’t cased correctly.

Ninja Legends Codes (Active)

Here's a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

CodeRewardDate Added
epictrain1515 Minutes of Auto-TrainingJune 17, 2020
roboninja1515 Minutes of Auto-TrainingJune 17, 2020
christmasninja500500 GemsJune 17, 2020
silentshadows1000ChiJune 17, 2020
darkelements2000ChiJune 17, 2020
silentshadows1000ChiJune 17, 2020
omegasecrets5000ChiJune 17, 2020
ultrasecrets10kChiJune 17, 2020
elementmaster750750 ChiJune 17, 2020
secretcrystal10001,000 ChiJune 17, 2020
skymaster750750 ChiJune 17, 2020
legends700m??? ChiJune 17, 2020
dojomasters500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
dragonlegend750750 ChiJune 17, 2020
zenmaster500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
epicelements500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
goldninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
goldupdate500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
legends500m500 ChiJune 17, 2020
senseisanta500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
blizzardninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
mythicalninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
legendaryninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
shadowninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
legends200M??? ChiJune 17, 2020
epicflyingninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
flyingninja500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
dragonwarrior500500 ChiJune 17, 2020
swiftblade300300 ChiJune 17, 2020
DesertNinja250250 ChiJune 17, 2020
fastninja100100 ChiJune 17, 2020
epicninja250250 ChiJune 17, 2020
masterninja750750 ChiJune 17, 2020
sparkninja2020 SoulsJune 17, 2020
soulhunter55 SoulsJune 17, 2020

Ninja Legends Codes (Expired)

Here's a look at a list of all the codes that were available previously:

CodeRewardDate Added
autotrain1515 Minutes of Auto-Training
epicsensei500500 Chi
launch100100 Coins

How to Redeem Codes in Ninja Legends

Redeeming codes in Ninja Legends is super easy! Just open up the game and look for the blue Codes button on the right side of the screen. Grab one of the codes from our list, paste it into the “Type Code Here” area, then hit the enter button which will grant you the reward!

Ninja Legends Latest Update

– x10,000 Stats week!
– NEW ‘Dark Elements Island’ – Contains x25 Sell Area!
– 25 NEW Swords!
– NEW ‘DARK-ELEMENT’ Pet Evolution! Combine x30 X-LEGENDS to create one! x30 Stats of a X-LEGEND! The most OP evolution on Roblox to date! Only Rising Hero+ Tier pets can become DARK-ELEMENT!
– NEW ‘Dark Elements’ Pet Pack! Find it in the Packs menu! Contains the most OP Pets on Roblox yet!
– NEW ‘Q-STRIKE’ Pet Tier!
– NEW ‘Silent Shadows’ Pet Crystal! Contains a Q-STRIKE!
– New Belts!
– There’s a new hidden Pet Crystal somewhere on the map! Only 0.001% of Ninjas will find this Crystal!

More Roblox Codes

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